Chants of the Earth

Chants of the Earth


Eric Aron: Writer, Composer & Performer

This relaxation CD is ideal for conscious listening or as a background music during family activities or accompaniments.

Its melodies close to Nature, bring a time of relaxation in order to open ourselves to inner calm.



Chants of the Earth is a tribute to our planet in the form of a journey illustrating different facets of its life. A sound symphony in which natural elements and landscapes dialogue in perfect harmony.

Excerpts from the album:

Gaïa : click here
La Banquise : click here
Ciel et Nuages : click here
Le Vent : click here
Une Feuille : click here
La Grotte : click here
Le Volcan : click here
Un Insecte : click here
Abysses : click here
Oiseaux : click here
La Forêt : click here
Le Cycle de l’Eau : click here
Chant de la Terre : click here
Le Voyage Sans Fin : click here


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