Heavenly Gardens

Heavenly Gardens


Eric Aron : Writer, Composer & Performer

This relaxation CD is ideal for taking a break away from the surrounding noise,
a moment of softness and inner relaxation taken on oneself own.



It is a journey from our planet to the infinite universe of our inner world, in which we come in contact with unknown and grandiose dimensions and colors.
We can discover and visit bubbles of life similar to hanging gardens, which by their particular harmony, reveal to us a secret of life.

Excerpts from the album:

Départ de Gaïa : click here
Jardin Céleste : click here
Contact de Lumière : click here
Jardin de l’Intimité : click here
Jardin du Mouvement : click here
Jardin de l’Emotion : click here
Jardin de l’Enseignement : click here
Jardin des Secrets : click here
Aux Confins de l’Univers : click here
Jardin d’Amour : click here
Jardin des Anges : click here
Retour Vers la Terre : click here


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