Stars Scent

Stars Scent


Isabelle: Writer, Composer & Performer

This CD is ideal for appeasing or calming. It also allows a serene fall asleep. Its sweet melodies call upon dreams and travels. It is particularly popular with children.



Isabelle's music is aimed particularly at children, but also at adults wishing to find their "inner child".Her inspiration is peace, serenity, joy and confidence. By its particular frequency and vibrational quality, this music allows us to travel to wonderful countries without ever straying from the essential.

Excerpts from the album:

La Berceuse Inca : click here
Cosmic Impression : click here
Le Noël des Sirènes : click here
Rendez-Vous avec la Lune : click here
Bébé Indien : click here
Esperenza : click here
Angel Nostalgia : click here
Berceuse des Anges : click here
Le Manège à Bonheur : click here
Apothéose : click here


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