Treasures of Ganesha

Treasures of Ganesha


Roop Verma & Isabelle: Composers & Performers

This meditation CD is a real discovery of Meta Music®. It naturally leads the listener on the path of relaxation to meditation, to discover our Creativity.



This meditation CD is a real discovery of Meta Music® through artists from all walks of life. This CD is the alchemy of Oriental and Occidental sounds.

Isabelle, with her superb piano melodies, and Roop Verma, thanks to the sound vibrations of the sitar, lead us on an interior journey where, having found our "source", we quench our thirst and savor the regenerating water of life. Acoustic music Piano and Sitar.

This concept of Treasures of Ganesha was created and produced by Paul Cañadas to facilitate listening to the sitar, as well as nature's moods in background music.

Excerpts from the album:

Hopeful : click here
Natiouchka : click here
Le Pouvoir Divin : click here
Si On Savait : click here
Sunrise : click here
Esperanza : click here
Rives de La « Source » : click here


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