Meta Music

From Sacred Music to Vibration Consciousness

Meta Music® is a musical movement, the fruit of continuous research, which aims to rediscover the effects of the sound vibrations of voice and music in our lives.

The Alchemy of

Oriental & Occidental Sounds

Each sound, each note, comes from our Essence and connects us to the Whole, since the entirety of Life is vibration. Meta Music® is an exceptional link with Nature, but above all with our divine nature. Through a personal work, it brings us to our Original Vibration. It can be associated with any form of personal, professional, artistic expression or simply for the joy of listening.

Meta Music® is also the result of a research into the wide variety of oriental and occidental sounds. As in the video down below, where sitar and piano dialogue throughout melodies and improvisations, this alchemy of sounds from the East and the West welcomes us all, whatever our sensitivity, and gradually leads us to Meta Music with sounds that directly touch our heart with accuracy and depth.

The Treasures of Ganesha  CDs, which combine oriental and occidental sounds, were created and produced by Paul Cañadas to offer everyone the possibility to move more easily from relaxation to meditation. This music gradually brings us towards harmony and inner peace. It allows us to discover our true nature: pure, peaceful and perfect.

Who is Meta Music for?

Meta Music® addresses the body, the senses, the inner being and leads to the discovery of one’s true nature.
Whether you choose to listen to it in background music or in "conscious work", it naturally spreads its benefits to the rhythm of its vibrations.
In conscious listening, Meta Music® works through the physical body, and then into the etheric bodies…

The more you listen to Meta Music®, the more you move towards your inner dimension. Through its vibrations and energy, it helps you to remove your own energy blockages while re-tuning your body and then your mind to the rhythm of nature.

The vibrations of this music accompany and soothe individuals suffering from disabilities such as autism, deafness or quadriplegia. Because of their often exceptional feelings and their heightened sensitivity, Meta Music® helps them to contact a deeper dimension where the dialogue goes beyond words. It is for them a feeling of security, of plenitude by approaching their dimension which they express in their own way.

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