The Prophet

The Prophet


Eric Aron: Composer & Performer

This relaxation CD is ideal for appeasing and calming. Its sweet melodies invite
dreams and travels in order to free our mind and overcome our current difficulties.



The Prophet by Khalil Gibran is a wisdom book unanimously appreciated for the simplicity, depth and beauty of its texts. His writings provide essential keys to access a life rich in meaning. Music also provides these keys, it is a universal language, that of the harmony of sounds.. Comme dans ses précédents albums, Eric Aron nous propose cette vision harmonieuse et transformatrice de la musique au travers d’une création inspirée de seize textes du Prophète.

Excerpts from the album:

Almitra : click here
La Beauté : click here
Joie et Tristesse : click here
Le Don : click here
La Connaissance de Soi : click here
La Prière : click here
L’Enseignement : click here
Le Mariage : click here
La Liberté : click here
L’Amitié : click here
Bien et Mal : click here
L’Amour : click here
Raison et Passion : click here
Le Temps : click here
Le Bateau : click here
Départ d’Orphalese : click here


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