Treasures of Ganesha Revelation

Treasures of Ganesha Revelation


Composers & Performers : Eric Aron, Isabelle Schmitt et Roop Verma

Composer : Paul Cañadas

This Meditation CD is recommended to regain Energy, Well-Being and Harmony.
It invites you to work inside for more serenity and self-confidence. It is perfect for an
artistic environment.



This album, accessible to all, aims at a gentle approach to Meta Music®. Treasures of Ganesha “Revelation” is the result of research into the great variety of oriental and occidental sounds where sitar and Indian percussions, piano and the classical orchestra, contemporary keyboards dialogue throughout melodies and improvisations. This alchemy of sounds from East and West welcomes us all, whatever our sensibilities, and gradually leads us to Meta Music because these sounds directly touch our heart with accuracy and depth.

This concept of Treasures of Ganesha was created and produced by Paul Cañadas to facilitate listening to the sitar, as well as nature's moods in background music.

Excerpts from the album:

Prélude à la Vie : click here
L’Alchimie des Sons : click here
La Porte du Voyage : click here
Appel à la Méditation : click here
Pause Angélique : click here
Accueil Vers la Sagesse : click here
Méditation de Vénus : click here


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